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Bad Stuff

People usually don’t want to reflect on difficult things. Life is hard enough as is; I get it.
But occasionally, I think it might be helpful to remember that things can always get worse. Alain de Botton says in his book The Consolations Of Philosophy, we need to remember when we leave the house each morning that we’re always only a moment away from complete disaster.
I woke up Sunday morning and was sitting and writing on the computer when outside I heard what sounded like a garbage truck hitting a brick wall. I rushed outside barefoot and saw that the very busy street next to my house had just had a horrible accident.
My first thought was, “Oh no, I have to help.” Sounds horrible, but that thought came and went very quickly and soon I was rushing out into the street to help the victims and comfort them. I have a very large respect for people who make living by coming to people’s aid in these situations. The images and words that occur stick with you and remind you that, yes things can go horribly wrong at any moment.
I don’t have any larger bit of wisdom here, other than to say keeping these things in perspective will help you appreciate every moment more.

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