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Two Sides Of Humanity

Some days I’m really encouraged by what I see in other people and some days I’m utterly disappointed. Not sure if I can tie this together by contrasting or not, but I’ll try.
Today I walked out of the gym and there was an old man standing outside his truck asking me if I had a pair of pliers. He had locked his keys in and was trying to reach into the rear window to unlock the door. I was happy to give him a pair of pliers and even offered to help reaching into the vehicle since I was taller and had longer arms. After a few minutes I was just barely able to get to the lock with my finger tip and get it open for him. He was incredibly grateful and had a big smile on his face. Both of us felt equally good about our interaction. I was happy to help and he was grateful to receive help.

But other days I am utterly disappointed in humanity. On Friday, my friend missed his flight and I had to drive a few hours up to Charlotte to pick him up. I made the unfortunate decision to stop into an Arby’s on the road because I hadn’t eaten for a long time. I went in, placed my order, and could tell instantly that people had been waiting a long time for their order.
A visibly angry man and his wife were sighing and acting fidgety while they waited for their food. The staff appeared to be going as fast as they could. The wife decided to make a comment to the teenage girl working behind the counter, “Your drive through is much more in order than what you have here in the lobby.”
Another couple minutes went by and the husband speaks up in a loud tone of voice, “CAN WE HAVE OUR FOOD?!!”. The attendant told him they were just waiting on fries. He huffed and puffed some more and started looking at other customers and saying “Unbelievable!”
This whole exchange made me ashamed to be standing next to these childish, entitled people. So you have to wait an extra ten minutes for your “fast” food and you fly off the handle? How in our society did we decide to get angry and take it out on other people if we don’t get instant gratification? The whole consumerist mentality is really sickening.
I think the larger issue with people like this is they don’t understand themselves well enough to see that the world doesn’t revolve around them. Circumstances suck sometimes…..we have to wait for things….deal with the world you live in and stop acting like a grown child when your roast beef sandwich isn’t ready in 90 seconds.
Anyway, rant over. I wish there was some sort of training in patience in this country because people just have more ADD than ever before.
Long story short…I aspire to be the grateful old man in tough situations over the entitled couple.

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