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Our Biggest Enemy

Ego is lethal. It’s led to more wars, conflicts, misunderstandings, hurt, and pain than just about anything.

If we really stop to think about how much it encompasses, it’s incredible. Many of the judgements and opinions we form in life are based around our life experience and identity. Our identity becomes so important to us that we grow to defend it and attack anything that challenges it.

We so long for affirmation and acceptance from others that we feel we need to project a sense of strength, independence, and infallibility; even if it’s illusory.

Like everyone else, it’s taken me a long time to realize that what I do, what I have, my talents, abilities, and education are not who I am.

Once you can divorce yourself from those ideas, you can be a lot freer and happier.

Minimizing the focus on “self”….probably the biggest challenge we encounter in life.

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